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My Mission: Because the average American has been taking conflicting investment advice from Wall Street for decades and playing a losing game. Every hard-working individual deserves to be financialy independent and reach their dreams. Using value investing priciples of Graham, Fisher, Buffett I will help you grow your money and create a financial plan you will not outlive.


Unconventional Investing and Financial Planning Solutions for Long-Term Success!

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My Why

It bothers me that millions of hard-working Americans have fallen for the Wall Street propaganda and have been rolling the dice with their hard earned money for the past few decades. I have made it my life’s mission to give you the truth and help you achieve your financial destiny.

My Promise

As a fiduciary Advisor I will always put your interests first, be honest with you and give you unbiased advice. I have no quotas to meet or products to push period.

My Approach

You need an investment strategy that works long-term, an advisor who will always do the right thing for you, hold your hand should you deviate from the plan and help you achieve your financial goals.

I have been studying legendary investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Philip Fisher, Walter Schloss for the last 14 years and have learnt what works and what does not in investing.

The value investing principles taught by the legendary investors have worked for the last 90+ years and produced superior returns. This is how the legendary investors built their wealth and it is how I will help you build yours. Moreover, your money will be invested along with mine. 

Our Services

Financial and Life Planning

Retirement Income Planning

Social Security Planning

Wealth Building and Management

Long Term Care Planning

Tax & Estate Planning

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