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My Mission: To help you break the shackles of Wall Street by giving you the truth, so you keep your hard-earned money, invest it successfully for the long-term and achieve financial independence.

Financial Planning and Investment Solutions

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My Why

It bothers me that Wall Street has been lying and exploiting you for a long time. I have made it my life’s mission to give you the truth, so you keep your money, invest it successfully and help you achieve your financial destiny.

My Promise

As a fiduciary Advisor I will always put your interests first, be honest with you and arm you with the truth, so you won’t be swindled by Wall Street anymore.

My Approach

I have been studying legendary investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Templeton, Philip Fisher, Walter Schloss for the last 13 years and have learnt what works and what does not in investing.

The value investing principles taught by the legendary investors have worked for the last 80+ years and produced superior returns to those who applied them.

You need an investment strategy that works long-term, an advisor who will always do the right thing for you so you are not deceived and exploited by Wall Street.

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