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What to expect from me and the purpose of this blog

Hi, my name is Alex Cupi and I am committed to helping you achieve your financial dream.

Most financial advisors work for big Wall Street firms, the names of which I am sure you know.  The Wall Street firms spend millions of dollars developing investment products for their various customer-group profiles and those products are then recommended if not pushed upon their customers. 

While you may not know it, the Wall Street firms often direct you into their recommended products as a herd and you come out of them as a herd.  For the privilege of participating (and so they can develop and market the next fabulous product), you get to pay outrageous fees.  In the end, if your experience is like many others, you find that the return you receive is well below the return you expected.

You work hard for your money and deserve to bear the fruit of your labor. Unfortunately the Financial industry has failed in helping the average American save, invest and plan ahead. This is because a lot of “financial professionals” have caved in to Wall Street, decided to follow along and the conflicts of interest. As Sir John Bogle said “You can’t serve two masters”

The Wall Street propaganda machine has turned a lot of hard working average Americans into day traders for its own benefit. The main reason a lot of people lose their shirt in the stock market is that they are playing a losing game. Hype, chasing performance, timing the market, high trading costs, conventional wisdom and cookie cutter approaches are to blame for a lousy performance.

The average American has paid a very high price for trusting and following the advice of Wall Street. The current situation is not good at all- about half of Americans over 55 have nothing in retirement savings when the stock market is hitting all time highs, unemployment at 3.8% the lowest it has been since the 1960’s, 40% of U.S households don’t have $400.

The odds are against you for the reasons I explained earlier and it is extremely hard to tune out the Wall Street noise. The current approach to investing and planning for retirement is wrong. I honestly believe that with careful planning, discipline, consistency and the right approach your financial goals are attainable.

I have been studying legendary investors Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, John Templeton and Philip Fisher for the last 13 years and have learnt what works and what does not in investing. The value investing principles taught by the legendary investors have worked for the last 80+ years and produced superior returns to those who applied them.

My mission is to help you break the shackles of Wall Street by giving you the truth, so you keep your hard-earned money, invest it successfully for the long-term and achieve financial independence.

If you want to invest/grow your money like the legendary investors Warren Buffett, Philip Fisher, John Templeton I urge you to read this investing gem by the Oracle of Omaha written in 1984 https://www8.gsb.columbia.edu/sites/valueinvesting/files/files/Buffett1984.pdf

If you like it and need help with doing exactly that then reach out to me and let’s talk about implementing an investment plan that takes into account your financial goals, income needs, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.

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Alex Cupi

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